Back in time to celebrate Norwich’s rich fashion history

A look back into Norwich's fashion past befitting of royalty was held in the city last night.

A sold-out 'shawl walk' was held at Dragon Hall on King Street, showing examples of celebrated Norwich shawls in a fashion parade. A talk was also given by the Norwich Costume and Textile Association (CTA), including author of 'The Story of the Norwich Shawl', Helen Hoyte.

The audience was told how Queen Victoria is known to have bought two shawls, usually draped over the shoulders or worn as a head garment, from the Norwich firm Clabburn Sons and Crisp, in 1855.

Norwich shawl makers, of which there were 28 registered in 1940, experimented with blends of Spanish and Norfolk wools, trying imported mountain goat fleece and even trying to naturalise the Kashmir goat in Britain.

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