Award-winning Norwich chef opens cake business after training with Gordon Ramsay

An award-winning Norwich chef who trained under Gordon Ramsay has pioneered her own cake-making business.

Hannah Rowberry has launched Honeysuckle cakes from her home in Norwich where she is baking celebration cakes with a twist.

The 25-year-old encourages her customers to tell her memories and interests so she can make their cakes as personal as possible.

The former University of East Anglia student has already made a host of weird and wonderful designs including a cake based on the hydrological cycle, for science enthusiasts, and a garden cake complete with a potting shed and wheel barrow.

The entrepreneur began her career as a pastry chef at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's where she spent ten months working under the high-pressure of a London restaurant.

Since then, she has worked at the Relish restaurant and bar in Newton Flotman, Norwich, and won the 2010 EDP Norfolk Food Awards Chef of the Future.

Mrs Rowberry, who lives on Nelson Street off Dereham Road, said: 'I have been making celebration cakes since I was a child and its so nice to be doing this job because it makes people really happy.'

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'For me, it is important they taste nice and look good, but the cakes are never the same because customers always request different things.

'Eventually I would like to have my own patisserie selling homemade muffins, shortbread and croissants because I do not think there are many places where you can get a proper espresso and a proper pastry in Norwich.'

Meanwhile, the cake-maker spoke of how thankful she was for the skills she learnt whilst training in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, but believes she is a lot happy now she is self-employed.

'It was a great experience working in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. As a result, I am now very strict on myself and if it isn't right it gets thrown away and I start again. Things always had to be absolutely spotless for Gordon, and I am the same.'

Hannah Rowberry is the current holder of the coveted title of EDP Norfolk Food Awards Chef of the Future after winning the high pressure 'cook off' last year.

There is still time to enter for this year's food awards. If you are a young chef or you know a talented under-25-year-old who is studying for a NVQ or a recognised training scheme at college or work, nominate them now by visiting, where you can also nominate your foodie favourites from across Norwich and the county. Entries close on May 13.

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