Audio: May gig playlist

Here is the first of our new monthly Spotify playlist highlighting some of the sounds coming our way in the next month, including everyone from Katy B to Anna Calvi (oh, and the Bay City Rollers!)

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3OH!3 - My First Kiss

Waterfront, May 26

3OH!3 (pronounced 'three oh three') are an in-your-face, massive-in-America duo - Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte - championed by Katy Perry who veer from dirty electro-assisted rap-rock to full-on, aggressive yet catchy pop. This track featuring Ke$ha is a highlight from their Streets of Gold album.

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Yellowman - Lost Mi Love

Norwich Arts Centre, May 21

Yellowman is a true Jamaican legend and this Rise Up-promoted appearance is a must for all reggae fans. He first came to prominence as one of the hottest young toasters as roots reggae was superseded by the digital beats and slack (downright filthy) lyrics of 1980s dancehall. He has always been more than merely vulgar though as evidenced by this track from his 1982 debut Mister Yellowman.

Katy B - Why You Always Here

UEA, May 11

Peckham 21-year-old Katy B - Kathleen Brien to her mum - is the latest alumni of The Brit School (other past pupils include Adele, Amy Winehouse and Katie Melua) though musically she is more a product of the clubs she's frequented since she was 16. Her debut album, On a Mission – three years in the making, takes in everything from R&B, funky house, reggae, soca and dubstep, the latter influencing this track.

Fishbone - Ma & Pa

Waterfront, May 4

This LA-based ska/funk band have been an underground phenomenon for 25 years. This track - probably the catchiest song about marital break-up ever - comes from the 1988 album Truth & Soul, probably the closest they ever got to a mainstream break through. The polished studio production doesn't do justice to their live performances though.

Frank Turner - Sons of Liberty

PlayFest, May 28/29

What happens when a man with an acoustic guitar has some pent-up anger? You get folk-punk, that's what. Frank Turner is headlining Saturday night at the exciting new mini-festival PlayFest to coincide with the release of his fourth album, England Keep My Bones. His politicised songs - as evidenced on this - owe much to Billy Bragg.

Jon Allen - Down By The River

Norwich Arts Centre, May 31

Young Gruff-voiced Jon Allen delivers bluesy, classic rock guitar with touches of early Rod Stewart and the young Elton John. His musical influences also build on Americana/acoustic foundations, ranging from solo finger picked songs to the laid back 'Tulsa Sound' of J.J. Cale to Van Morrison at his soulful best.

Devon Sproule - Old Virginia Block

Norwich Arts Centre, May 27

Singer/songwriter Devon Sproule was born in Ontario and grew up in rural Virginia. Her excellent albums - the latest of which is I Love You, Go Easy - feature her idiosyncratic, highly original songwriting combining Appalachian, folk and jazz influences. Live she turns in some spellbinding performances featuring her compelling band. This bluegrass stomp is from her 2007 album Keep Your Silver Shined.

Syriana - Gharrib (Stranger)

Norwich Arts Centre, May 8

Syriana are the latest project of guitarist and bass-player Nick 'Dubulah' Page, best known for his fusion work with Ethiopian musicians in Dub Colossus. The publicity makes them look like oh-so-worthy world music, but the album, The Road To Damascus, is fantastic, hugely cinematic and evocative.

Peter Doherty - New Love Grows On Trees

UEA, May 13

Having recently been warned he could face jail again after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine, this solo date from the Libertines and Babyshambles man could be his last for a while. He does, of course, have form for repeatedly cancelling UEA dates. Hopefully not this time though as, away from his 'issues', he remains a compelling artist.

Anna Calvi - No More Words

Waterfront, May 15

Former Cheap Hotel singer Anna Calvi is signed to Domino records, has been feted by Alex Turner, Nick Cave and Elbow, no less, and tipped by many for big things this year. Her unique blend of dark, atmospheric, romantic pop and intense and mesmerising live performances suggest the predictions could be right. She arrives at the Waterfront headlining the NME Radar Tour, which also includes Grouplove and The History of Apple Pie.

Le Vent du Nord - Cre Mardi/La Turlutte du Rang Des Sloans

Norwich Arts Centre, May 24

This Quebec-based quartet exploded onto the folk scene in 2002 with their mix of fiddle, guitar, accordion and hurdy-gurdy. They perform traditional Qu�b�cois music which is heavily influenced by Celtic music from both Ireland and Brittany and is sung in French. This track is from their 2005 album Les Amants du Saint-Laurent, which won them the Best Traditional Artists category at the North American Folk Association awards.

Panic! At The Disco - Sarah Smiles

UEA, May 17

The tuneful, increasingly poppy and lyrically inventive emo/punk-rock quartet from Las Vegas return for this already sold-out UEA date on the back of their third album, Vices and Virtues, from which this track comes. Now a duo, of course, they have returned to the Duran Duran-ish sound of their two million-selling debut.

The Computers - S.O.S.

Marquee, May 8

This four-piece blues/punk/hardcore band from Exeter are signed to Fierce Panda. They fuse garage rock'n'roll with 80s hardcore. Think Black Flag playing Chuck Berry or The Nerve Agents covering Elvis Costello and the Attractions and you're getting the picture.

Bay City Rollers - Shang-A-Lang

UEA, May 21

A generation of teenage girls ran this stomper on the school bus at the height of the Bay City Rollers 1970s fame. Catering to the nostalgia 'Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers' are still performing with audiences treated to all the old hits - updated and rearranged for the new millennium - yet still retaining the original magic.

Sophie Barker - Say Goodbye

Norwich Arts Centre, May 17

Having already worked with Groove Armada, The Egg, Grooverider, Robin Guthrie and Zero 7, not to mention The Rainbow Collections - a series of children's music, Sophie Barker has long been tipped for big things and five years after her debut, she may finally get the attention she deserves with the release of her new solo album Seagull.

Johnny Foreigner - Johnny Foreigner Vs You (Cursed Version)

Norwich Arts Centre, May 26

Birmingham trio Johnny Foreigner have recently toured with the likes of Los Campesinos, Hundred Reasons and Blood Red Shoes, and their, as the NME put it 'delightfully emo' indie rock sound is well worth a listen.

Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds

PlayFest, May 28/29

Darwin Deez - aka Darwin Smith - is an American hipster with a penchant for headbands, catchy pop and Carl Sagan. He may be best known for his quirky videos, but beyond the questionable haircut and wacky dancing are some really catchy pop tunes which will no doubt be well received when he appears at PlayFest.

Framing Hanley - You

Waterfront, May 30

Nashville rockers Framing Hanley are Kerrang! favourites. Here they get out the acoustic guitars out for a more downtempo tune from their 2010 album, A Promise To Burn.