Attack on cat in Norwich is the worst the RSPCA has investigated

A neighbourhood has been left angry and fear-stricken after a cat was brutally attacked in what the RSPCA described as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever investigated.

An eye-witness spoke of how he watched in horror as a man dragged a cat from its basket and repeatedly beat it, before leaving it for dead on a pavement in Douro Place, off Dereham Road, Norwich.

The attack saw RSPCA officers rush to the animal's aid at 11.30pm on Sunday night , but despite a desperate attempt to save it, a vet was forced to put the cat to sleep to prevent it from suffering any further.

The attack has left pet-owners in the area afraid to let their animals outside, with one woman calling on police to clamp-down on animal attacks in the area after her dog was killed by a Staffordshire bull terrier when she walking it close to her home.

Meanwhile, the cat-owner said he was too upset to speak yesterday in the aftermath of the event which happened metres away from his home.

The eye-witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had looked after and fed the cats on a number of occasions and was left feeling shocked and disturbed by what he saw.

'I got woken up on Sunday night to the sound of the cat getting beaten to death by a man on the side of the road,' he said.

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'I was horrified and was frozen to the spot. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to approach the guy in case there was repercussions and I didn't want my girlfriend to see it because she loves the cats.

'I just saw this guy take it out of the box and repeatedly strike it as if he was determined to kill it.

'I rushed and dialled 999, and once the police arrived we quickly went around the area but we could not see anyone.

'I want warn people about what I saw so they know someone is out there attacking cats. The area where we live is peaceful. I am an animal love and found it disgusting.'

Elsewhere in Douro Place, one woman spoke of how pet-owners have been left traumatised following what she claims to be a spate of attacks on other animals by Staffordshire bull terriers.

Patricia McAndrews, a retired social worker who lives in the area, saw her own dog killed by Staffordshire bull terrier in September and said a kitten and a greyhound have been attacked since.

The 64-year-old said: 'There's nowhere you can go - something has to be done about dogs that are not under control.

'I lost my only friend when my dog died last year. My fear is that these dogs are going to hurt a child next.'

'I don't sleep at night because I am so traumatised by what is happening around here. It has spoilt my life. I am not saying all Staffys are bad, but I think it will stop people having pets because I personally could not put another dog through it.'

Vicki Cena, 42, of Douro Place, said she is now forced to walk with her cat when she lets it outside because she fears it could be killed.

She said: 'I am afraid to go out at night now. You should be able to let your cat out without having to worry.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA are encouraging anyone with information on the attack to help by contacting themselves or the police.

RSPCA inspector Emily Bottomley said: 'The grey and white cat received horrific injuries as a result of the attack, and was taken to the vet but had to be put to sleep to prevent it from suffering further.

'This was one of the worst cases of deliberate animal cruelty I have ever been asked to investigate, and this cat would have suffered tremendously.

If you have any information contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

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