At long last Norwich has a majestic memorial

Sheriff of Norwich Derek James attends a proud event for Norwich - the opening of the memorial gardens.

Almost 85 years separated these two events in Norwich – when the people gathered to remember the fallen and at the centre of attention were two soldiers.

In 1927, it was Bertie Withers of the Norfolks who unveiled the memorial outside the Guildhall and in 2011 it was David Heir of the Anglians who opened the memorial gardens outside the City Hall.

And while Bertie was with General Sir Ian Hamilton, David was joined by Vic Howe, president of the Royal British Legion in the city.

So much has changed over the decades, but people are still at war with each other and it is important that we have a majestic memorial to remember the fallen.

Over the years I have written so much about the memorial and the gardens, which were a disgrace and an eyesore in the heart of the city.

All the more reason to be especially proud to be able to represent you, as the Sheriff, at the ceremony to open the new-look gardens this week. It was good to meet so many of you.

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My thoughts were with all those who lost, and still are, losing their lives in theatres of war around the world and all those veterans who didn't live to the see the memorial and gardens looking so good.

We will always remember them.