‘The fans were amazing’ - Aston Merrygold chats about his Norwich show, the tour, his JLS days and more

Aston Merrygold. Photo: Courtesy of WMA

Aston Merrygold. Photo: Courtesy of WMA - Credit: Courtesy of WMA

We caught up with Aston Merrygold, former JLS member, after his headline show at The Waterfront in Norwich.


So first thing's first, your tour is now underway, how is it going so far?

So far it's going great. We kicked off in Manchester and the crowd were amazing. Really overwhelming to receive such a positive response to being out there on my own, showcasing new music etc. Hopefully the rest of the tour will go as planned!

Did you enjoy performing at The Waterfront in Norwich?

Performing at The Waterfront was such a great night. The fans were amazing and it was an incredibly fun show. I really want to thank them all for their continued support. I can't wait to come back!

Can you tell us a little bit about the rehearsal process and how you prepared yourself for this tour?

Rehearsal for this tour has been intense, full on, tiring but a lot of fun. I've got a great team, the dancers; guys on stage with me make it a real laugh as well as pushing me to dance to my best ability constantly pushing me.


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Sarah is also a big part of helping pull together the choreography, so we had many days where she'd be showing us all routines with our little man Grayson in her arms. Definitely a new way of rehearsing!

Do you get nervous at all getting up on the stage on your own or have you gotten past the pre-gig nerves?

There's always a certain amount of nerves, especially going out showing people my solo material for the first time but its equally as exciting. I'm just at my happiest when I'm performing so as long as people are enjoying it, my nerves are put at ease.

A lot of people will know you from your days with JLS. What's it been like for you, both musically and personally, since the band split in 2013?

JLS was an amazing part of my journey. Since then I've been making my own music, travelling round the world as a solo artist and I've just had a great opportunity with a global Samsung sync, with my track 'Get Stupid' so that's come back around which is a lot of fun.

Do you miss making music with them at all?

I still see them all the time, we're very close and all have kids now so we're just on dad duties together instead of in the studio together. We're happy with that right now!

They all massively support me with my project, as do l with theirs, so we're very blessed in that respect.

How has the whole writing and performing process differed now that you are a solo artist? Has it been an enjoyable process for you?

I still work with a lot of the same people, so in that respect there's just less people in the room and I also have been working with new people so that's been part of the adventure.

What's it like having your song 'Get Stupid' featured on the Samsung S9 advert? It must be quite surreal just watching the TV and then your song starts playing.

Having 'Get Stupid' featured in the Samsung S9 advert has honestly been amazing. I've always believed in that song and it didn't fully get the shot l felt it deserved in the UK first time round so I really hope this is it's shot.

Sometimes you just have to work a little harder and believe that things will happen at the right time. The song is charting in 37 countries at the moment and has been the number 1 most shazamed advert in the UK so fingers crossed!

What's been the highlight of your career so far? Was it your days with JLS, your appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, your solo music or perhaps something else?

Honestly every part of my journey that has paid part to further success has been a highlight.

JLS was the most magical journey, the boys are like my brothers and we got to make music together, tour together and have amazing success together.

Strictly Come Dancing was an incredible experience too. I met amazing people who I stay in touch with. Gemma Atkinson and Gorka came to the show in Manchester and the rest will come to London if they're around. I'll go see Janette and Ali too in theirs!

It's also lead me to do another project, 'RIP IT UP', a show around the UK in September – October 2018 with Harry Judd and Louis Smith, two past winners.

Now this solo tour is hopefully going to be another highlight!

More recently, your partner Sarah gave birth to a baby boy. Congratulations! It must be really exciting being a dad. How's all of this been for you and how have you juggled this whilst preparing for the tour?

Thank you! Yes that has been life changing. Fully trumps anything I've ever experienced. There's nothing more special than being a parent and now everything we both do is for him. Certainly the most life changing thing.

Both of them have helped me prepare for the tour. Sarah's been helping choreograph and Grayson's been down at rehearsals every day. I have just launched my new dance studios in London, BASE Studios, so Grayson and Sarah have been there helping me along.

Last but not least, what's next in the pipeline for you? Have you got anymore new music on the way after the tour is over, or will you be taking a little break to spend time with your partner and son?

Lots in the pipeline! New music, more touring, the Rip It Up tour that starts in September and stay tuned for more!