As a special Christmas treat, today’s Pub of the Week is one of Norwich’s most famous boozers; the Murderers, in Timberhill

The Evening News has been running our popular Pub of the Week feature for two years, but we have never focused on one of Norwich's best pubs.

That anomaly has now been corrected, after we visited the Murderers pub on Christmas Eve to enjoy the atmosphere and toast the landlord and owner.

The Murderers has claims to being the most famous pub in Norwich, and owner Ivan Brown certainly thinks it's the best known.

He bought the pub 28 years ago but has left the front man duties to landlord and partner Phil Cutter, who started working at the pub as a teenager.

Mr Brown said: 'I have not done much work in the pub really for a long time, but I still work on occasion, a couple of times a week.

'We still get the regulars in from about 28 years ago. There are only two of us running local pubs in the city left from the old days- me and Roger Cawdron, who runs the Ribs of Beef.

'Luckily, we cater for a very cosmopolitan range of people here, both old and young. I think we have a unique atmosphere, which is partly to do with the inside of the pub, many of the features of which you would not be able to rebuild under licensing laws today.'

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History is a very big subject at the Murderers where you can go from wall to wall reading about what happened at the pub and when.

There's even a copy of the marriage certificate of Mildred Wilby and Frank Miles on the wall, alongside a picture of a public hanging and a hammer similar to the weapon used in the murder. There's even a blue plaque next to the bar inside the pub outlining its history.

Mr Cutter added: 'We are essentially a family-run business. My family and Ivan's have both worked at the pub. The beauty of it is that, if you picked up this pub and put it anyway, it would work the same. It's that ethos that customers are not just faces that come into the pub, and that everyone is important to us.'

The pub currently offers nine real ales but about 1400 different ales have been available over the last two years.

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