Artists take an elemental look at Salthouse exhibition

The creative responses of four artists to the word 'elemental' will fill Salthouse Church during a 17-day exhibition which opens on August 13.

The SAW quartet - contemporary artists Antonia Soto, Imogen Ashwin, Trevor Ashwin and Lynda Williams - will display works including sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and video, which have evolved over the past three years.

Some of their pieces are influenced by the history and location of the coastal church and other places within Salthouse, and the exhibition includes multi-disciplinary work especially created for the exhibition.

On show will be art reflecting each of the quartet's individual interests including topography, archaeology, history, folklore, earth mysteries and alchemy.

The SAW four hope the blend of art on offer will help viewers make 'unexpected and thought-provoking connec-tions between seemingly unrelated pieces.'

They also would like it to encourage people to look again at a familiar landscape and environment, making new observations and asking new questions.

All of the artists are from Norfolk: Ms Soto from Oulton, near Aylsham, the Ashwins from Reepham, and Ms Wil-liams from Costessey. The name SAW is an acronym of their surnames and is also intended to suggest that their work is cutting edge.

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The three women met while studying for Fine Art degrees at Norwich School of Art and Design in 1998 and were joined in 2006 by Mr Ashwin, who had been working as an archaeologist and photographer.

Ms Soto's work is mainly sculptural. Imogen Ashwin's current Arts Council-supported project, Howe, is an explo-ration of named hills in Norfolk. Elemental provides her with an opportunity to show four major new performance, installation and video works, including a piece which will grow over the 17 days of the exhibition.

Trevor Ashwin's background as an archaeologist influences his art work, most of it photographic. It records his responses to the ancient places that he loves.

Ms Williams has created work which includes drawings and installation using charcoal.

t Elemental is at St Nicholas' Church, Salthouse, until August 29, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm,