Artist’s solo exhibition

A Norwich-based artist will be holding a large solo exhibition of new drawings and paintings in the city this month.

Will Teather's work will be on show at the Anteros Arts Foundation in Fye Bridge Street (formerly the Kings of Hearts) from May 21 to July 4.

As resident artist and tutor at the centre, Teather will also be opening up his studio to the public as part of Norfolk Open Studios.

His exhibition features detailed drawings of some of the local people he sees every week. But these familiar faces are made characteristically strange and dreamlike through his use of strange angles, unsual perspectives and dramatic foreshortening.

There will also be a new series of large-scale paintings depicting impossible scenes, such as Edwardian cyclists balancing on a highwire over Big Ben.

He said: 'In the spirit of magical-realist fiction, the storytelling explores the indefinite space between reality and fiction, horror and humour, fantasy and fact. Vaudevillian characters inhabit a play without beginning or end, where carnival and folk traditions are pastiched together, allowing illusion to work and the improbable to become possible.'

The artist was recently commissioned by Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums to produce a ceremonial portrait of Peter Stephen, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, to mark the end of the Provost's term as a figurehead for the city. Visitors to the studio will be able to see the development of the �9,000 commission over the coming months.

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