Drivers sold dodgy fuel at petrol station get payout

The Applegreen Drayton garage is investigating whether the fuel at one of their pumps was contaminated

The Applegreen Drayton garage is investigating whether the fuel at one of their pumps was contaminated - Credit: Google

A petrol station has dished out cash to drivers after it accidentally sold them potentially contaminated fuel.

Customers had to get their cars towed because they were failing to start completely or were cutting out after using a pump at the Fakenham Road Applegreen filling station in Drayton. 

Now, a handful of the drivers say they've been told by Applegreen their costs will be refunded.

Applegreen has been approached for comment multiple times but has not responded.

The last time Applegreen made a statement, the station's manager said they believed there had been an issue with the fuel — and were awaiting lab results to confirm.

Rachel Martell, who was visiting her parents in Taverham when she used the station, experienced problems with her car straight after filling up her tank.

On August 13, she rang Applegreen and was told there was water in the fuel.

She said: "I rang them and they accepted liability for what had happened to my car."

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Ms Martell said the staff had been "very accommodating".

She added: "When I first reported it the manager apologised, told me to keep all the receipts and that she'd let me know how to progress once their internal investigation was finished."

Likewise Jake Rodwell, whose car had to be repaired at a local garage, heard from the station on August 20 that his repair bills would be refunded by Applegreen.

Hannah Suduko's £180 repair bill is also in the process of being refunded by the company.

She said: "It was an easy fix for my car, and the repairs were finished within a few days.

"Applegreen contacted me the week after and I gave them my bank details a couple of days ago for them to reimburse me.

"They've been really good about the whole thing." 

After receiving reports of the incident, Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards said it had been in contact with the filling station — but wouldn't be taking further action.

It recommended people contact the seller in the first instance, and then Citizens Advice if they feel the seller doesn't offer sufficient redress.