Meet the three Norfolk businesses featured in Antiques Road Trip

Programme Name: Antiques Road Trip S24 - TX: 27/01/2022 - Episode: Antiques Road Trip S24 - Ep19 (No

Irita Marriott and Phil Serrell visited three Norfolk antique shops for January 24's episode of BBC One's Antiques Road Trip. - Credit: BBC / STV Studios

An episode of BBC One's Antiques Road Trip, which was filmed across Norfolk in September 2021, has aired and features three of the county's shops.

The January 24 episode saw Irita Marriott and Phil Serrell travelling around East Anglia in an Aston Martin V8 from 1976.

They set off from Sproughton in Suffolk and wound through Norfolk on a trip finishing in Alnwick on the Scottish borders.

In Norfolk, Serrell visited All Saints Antiques Centre in Norwich, where he was spotted shopping on September 7.

Serrell sifted through the treasures in the former church before picking out a mid-18th century Sheffield-plate tankard and early-19th century children's nursery rhyme plates.

He spent £45 for the three plates and the tankard.

antiques road trip

A room inside All Saints Antiques that Mr Serrell chose an item from - Credit: Grace Piercy

Serrell then hit Shirehall Plain Antiques Centre in Holt.

He quickly spotted two rare Windsor chairs and a large butchers bowl for pickling meat. Phil bought the pickling pot for £60.

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In the meantime, Irita Marriott visited Timeline Antiques in North Walsham.

She picked out a brass and Champlevé enamel inkwell, a rattle gifted to a baby girl in 1848 and a silk-lined Victorian sewing box hand-done with silver and gold thread.

Marriott bought all three for £115.

Irita also headed to Great Yarmouth to visit the Hippodrome Circus to discuss Norwich-born Pablo Fanque.

The rags to riches story of the first black circus proprietor in the world took Fanque from the workhouse to circus stardom.

Pablo Fanque saw recognition again a century later when he was featured in the Beatles song 'Mr Kite', which took all of its words from a poster of Fanque. 

Fanque's fame waned when music halls rose to be the Victorian's favourite amusement. He slipped back into poverty and died in 1871. Thousands lined the roads for his funeral.