Reader letter: We need answers over cemetery

Tracey Bullen is unhappy with the state of the Thorpe St Andrew graveyard where her dad is burried.P

Tracey Bullen is unhappy with the state of the Thorpe St Andrew graveyard where her dad is burried.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Regarding Thorpe Cemetery and woods, I have just finished reading the article concerning the overgrown, unkempt appearance of the Thorpe St Andrew cemetery described by Tracey Bullen and the condition of her late father's grave.

My late father is also in that cemetery and although everyone no doubt tries to keep the graves tidy, there is only so much that can be done.

I fully agree with her that the situation is totally unacceptable. So what is going on?

There are plenty of gardening and landscaping companies in Thorpe St Andrew, so why the delay in finding a new contractor and would action have been taken if the lady had not contacted the EDP I wonder? Where have the proceeds from the land sale gone, how much has been spent and on what and how much is left?

The former Burial Trust has been very quiet. I have asked this question before and yes as expected, no reply.

Furthermore, while on the subject of Thorpe green spaces, Thorpe woods has been drastically thinned out and now we hear the developers are now desperately trying to get yet more 'boxes' thrust upon us here in Thorpe again.

I have on previous occasions been in contact with local councillors and our MP about these woods and interestingly only one bothered to reply, and again the same councillor contacted me this weekend to keep me informed. Most impressed. Thank you Councillor Shaw.

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No doubt the others have more important things to do such as working out their expenses.

Yes you know who you are.

It appears that there are things very amiss here in Thorpe St Andrew and its continued desecration is rife.

We need answers please. Now!