Angry outcry over evidence of fly-tipping in Norwich

An out-pouring of anger has greeted evidence of an increase in fly-tipping in Norwich.

The Evening News called for more pride to be taken in our city yesterday and many readers have been in touch to tell us they have seen more evidence of fly-tipping in their communities.

The pictures above show rubbish illegally dumped on woodland in the Fiddlewood area of Catton, sent in to us by one of our readers, Neville Norton, using

A mattress, bedding, buckets and even a door have been abandoned there, much like pictures published yesterday from Mousehold Heath and Night Plantation woodland and St Faith's Road areas of Old Catton,

Reaction to the Fiddlewood pictures condemned the people who had dumped the rubbish there, risking a fine of up to �50,000 and five years in jail.

One iWitness 24 user, Supine39, said: 'Can't be bothered to find an official tip I suppose. So taxpayers have to pay for this to be cleared up. Scandalous!'

Those thoughts were echoed by SillySally, who said: 'What a horrible mess. Who would do this?' and Leigh_Caudwell, added: 'I really cannot fathom how anyone can think that doing this is justified, what a mess.'

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Norwich City Council and Broadland District Council – which both backed the Evening News' calls for people to show more pride in their city – revealed that fly-tipping cost them, and thus the taxpayers, �200,000 and �36,000 respectively last year.

Norwich city councillor David Bradford, chairman of the Mousehold Heath Conservators, which campaigns for the protection of the north city area, said: 'It's extremely sad and anti-social when people do this.

'It's an intermittent problem but once people have dumped stuff, rubbish seems to attract to it almost magnetically.

'The city council will attempt to clear these problems as soon as possible, but it needs people to report any number plates or evidence as soon as possible as well.'

- To report fly tipping to Broadland District Council, call 01603 430534 or email, or to report fly tipping to Norwich City Council, call 0344 980 3333 or email

- Have you spotted evidence of fly-tipping in the Norwich area? Go to to share your photos and have them considered for publication in the Evening News.