An open letter from the new editor of the Norwich Evening News

Norwich Evening News and Norwich Advertiser editor David Powles. Photo : Steve Adams

Norwich Evening News and Norwich Advertiser editor David Powles. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

The new editor of the Norwich Evening News and its website, David Powles, spells out his early plans for the title.

Norwich City Hall and market. Picture: Denise Bradley

Norwich City Hall and market. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Archant copyright 2012

Dear reader,

What makes a good newspaper?

It's a question people like myself trouble ourselves with on a daily basis as we strive to bring you a product that, once read, makes you want to keep coming back for more.

Is it a jam-packed news agenda covering all corners of our beloved city and beyond?

Is it insightful analysis, opinion and reaction to the issues affecting people's day-to-day lives?

Perhaps it's good pictures and stories about the people who make this city tick.

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Or quirky news items and features that provide a glimpse into a Norwich few of us knew existed.

It could be that key to your purchase are competitions and money-off coupons that help to make your life that little bit easier.

Maybe it's brilliant sport reporting on not just the twists and turns at Carrow Road, but also those activities that are not necessarily participated in by the majority.

I'd like to hope that all of the above ingredients go into making the Norwich Evening News your paper of choice on a daily basis.

But really the only people who truly know the answer to that all-important question is you, the readers.

And that's why my first task as editor of the Evening News is to make an appeal to you to let me know where we go wrong (and hopefully where we go right) when producing the paper and its website every day.

It is an absolute honour and a privilege to be asked to take over the reins of the paper for the city where I was born, spent much of my childhood and have enjoyed living for the past ten years.

A dream come true in fact and one that has existed since I was 16 when a local journalist came into my school and talked about a career which sounded so rewarding, important, interesting and above all fun. And fortunately that is how it has turned out.

Good quality local journalism can still make such a difference to the community it serves and that's what I hope the Norwich Evening News continues to do for as long as I am in the hot seat – make a difference.

In the paper I hope that we keep you fully informed, add something to your day, analyse and explain the big and important issues, help to celebrate and share your success stories, make you smile and campaign on your behalf.

On our website you'll be kept informed of exactly what news is breaking in Norwich at that very moment you log on and you will be able to enjoy videos sent live from the scene of news events as they happen and produced by our talented team at Mustard TV.

These are my pledges to you based on some of the things that I believe go into making a newspaper a fantastic read.

If you have other ideas, please do get in touch.

David Powles


Norwich Evening News

01603 772478