Amateur group unearths part of former Norwich city station’s platform wall

An amateur group unearthing the remains of Norwich's two former train stations has found 150ft of a platform wall at the former city station on Marriotts' Way near Halfords.

The Evening News has previously reported how a group of dedicated volunteers are working hard to unearth and preserve the remains of the forgotten train stations for future generations.

At one time Norwich had three thriving stations, but two were closed and have been demolished and long forgotten. Only one remains in use.

The old Norwich city station was located off what is now Barker Street whilst the Norwich Victoria station was off Queen's Road.

The Friends of Norwich City Station (FONCS) hope to build a seated area and memorial garden to the station, when they have finished their work, and have secured an original M&GN (Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway) platform bench to put in the garden. They are also documenting the memories of those who worked at the stations.

Jon Batley, who is leading work at the city station site, said: 'Since December we have progressed with platform 1's wall, and we have uncovered around 150ft of extant wall,

'Due to nesting birds we have curtailed work up at the north end of the platform wall, and we will return to this in August, so we are concentrating on the platform at the southern end. We are currently down to track level for around 30ft, and we have some railway sleepers still buried in the ground.'

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The group had contacted the council to see who owned the land the station sat on and were told that since the decline of British Rail it had become public land.

The group has also found much of the two shorter platforms and a 40ft inspection pit at the former city station.

Several people who remember using the station have come forward to the group to tell their stories.

• Anyone with information or who would like to assist the preservation effort should contact Mr Batley on 07813 166325 or email

• Are you doing work to uncover Norwich's history? Call reporter David Bale on 01603 772427 or email