Alternative pop project Even Fred’s Happy release brand new single

Even Fred's Happy. Picture: Loye Olatunbosun

Even Fred's Happy. Picture: Loye Olatunbosun - Credit: Loye Olatunbosun

Alternative pop project Even Fred’s Happy have recently released a brand new single.

Even Fred's Happy. Picture: Loye Olatunbosun

Even Fred's Happy. Picture: Loye Olatunbosun - Credit: Loye Olatunbosun

Titled Misty Head, the single is described as a ‘fragile song that marks the end of the frail confidence seen in [their previous track] Sellout and replaces it with a sense of despair.’

Written and recorded in the space of a few days, the track touches on the emotions that follow an act of self-harm and the subsequent fear that takes over afterwards.

“Misty Head represents the final emotional theme that Even Fred’s Happy is looking to explore,” explains the man behind the pop project, Freddie Buckley.

“We become obsessed with progress, and filling time for the sake of it, until it all becomes too much and everything begins to fall apart.”

“Misty Head is that moment after the event, where the weight of all that mania and doubt has become so great that its all you can do just to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Pretty cheery stuff.”

It was spending two years honing his craft as a songwriter in Sheffield and exploring genres ranging from metal to musicals that led Buckley to settle on his current sound - one that incorporates a vast array of influences.

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Even Fred’s Happy touches on the pop sensibilities of groups such as Arcade Fire and The 1975, whilst also drawing inspiration from the whimsical rhythms of LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads.

The concept for this project first came about from Buckley’s personal struggles with the perceived honesty and sincerity of his music. He struggled with believing in the authenticity of his earlier songs, conflicted over the genuineness of his identity.

It was this uncertainty that birthed Even Fred’s Happy, and the idea to explore the problems of narcissism and self-obsession that are ubiquitous in the present world.

“The songs I’ve released so far are intended to be an indicator of what the debut is looking to achieve,” adds Buckley.

“So we have the fakery and pretentiousness of Sellout, the increasing tension and desire for escapism in Tropico, the mental collapse in Oh nO!, and then finally the ache of nothing in Misty Head.”

“I’m currently locked away in Norwich trying to piece everything together, but hopefully we should see it released early next year.”

- Misty Head is available to listen to on all streaming platforms or via this link

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