All power to 90s grunge as vintage Kate Moss style comes to Norwich

Life Matters reported in February that 90s grunge would make a comeback this summer - and now the 'just-got-out-of-bed' look is back for autumn, says Emma Harrowing.

It was the look that had me reminiscing about my college days, wearing long floral skirts and purple Doc Martin boots and stomping to the sounds of the Madchester crew back in February. Now that grunge has been reinvented for autumn, I cannot help but feel a little scared that I'm teetering on the edge of old age.

The 90s fashion revival is back in all it's baggy jumper, khaki jacket and studded glory. And for autumn the look is as close to the 90s unstyled look as you can get. Think Kate Moss circa 1993.

It's all rocking in to the shops as I write this – the lace-up ankle boots, the studded leather jackets, the bomber jackets, the oversized sloppy fisherman knit jumpers, the check shirts and the dirty denim. Even those woven rucksacks that were a hit with college kids in 1994 are a fashion must-have for autumn.

The thought that I can probably not wear this trend in any way shape or form – as I've been there and got the ripped T-shirt with Stone Roses emblazoned across the front – makes me feel like a washed-up has-been, too old at 35 to wear the latest fashion. I've literally rocked out.

Therefore, those young enough to enjoy this trend for the first time should embrace it. It's easy-to-wear style is the antithesis of fashion. It means looking like you have not bothered with your style and have just put on a collective number of pieces that don't traditionally go together – and who cares, you've got an individual style and it works.

The fact that grunge is, in fact, a fashion trend falls by the wayside. Grunge fans are too busy buying an army-style jacket from the market and wearing it over their glittery black dress with chunky boots, or layered over a check shirt worn with coloured jeans and lace-up ankle boots. Or they are investing in a bomber jacket and wearing it over their patterned trousers and slouching around in Creepers.

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Of course, to really get the grunge look you need to mix laid- back style with a touch of glamour. A metallic stud here and there, a flash of glitter, a chunky piece of unisex jewellery or a pair of oversized sunglasses will keep you looking rock 'n' roll rather than jumble sale chic.

Repeat after me: If the 90s Kate Moss didn't wear it – don't touch it.

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