Peek-a-boo! New eagle owl sighting in Carrow Road

Alfie has once again been spotted in his usual area of Riverside. 

Alfie has once again been spotted in his usual area of Riverside. - Credit: Lorna.S

Alfie is back! The famous Eurasian eagle owl gave one city woman a shock when he swooped on to her balcony and peered at her through the window.

The impressive bird escaped from his owners' home more than 18 months ago and has been at large in the riverside area near Carrow Road ever since. 

Lorna, who is a volunteer at Norfolk Wildlife Rescue, heard Alfie hooting before he arrived to pay a visit.

"My partner and I heard the owl on the roof of the factory opposite our flat," she said.

"When we walked over to the door to take a look, he flew and landed on the balcony and carried on hooting. 

"It is absolutely amazing."

Pauline Goss, who also lives nearby, has seen the giant bird almost every day for two months. 

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She said: "I think he probably likes it because there are so many pigeons. 

"At first I didn't know he was an escaped owl so didn't know who to tell but he's absolutely huge."