Alfie's gone AWOL: Has eagle owl eloped with fellow escapee Luna?

Alfie is currently living in the Riverside area. 

Alfie is currently living in the Riverside area. - Credit: Sam Murphy

Norwich folk have become huge fans of the lovesick owl since the sightings began last year - but he hasn't been seen for weeks.

The now famous Eurasian eagle owl, Alfie, escaped from his city centre home 19 months ago.  

He has been spotted various times swooping above the city skyline since with some people even claiming he stopped by on their balconies to say "hello".

At one point Alfie was one of THREE runaway eagle owls on the loose in the city but one has now been captured. 

Which begs the question has Alfie eloped with Luna the female escapee?  

Kevin is a big fan of birds of prey and hopes to aid with the rescue of Alfie.

Kevin is a big fan of birds of prey and hopes to aid with the rescue of Alfie. - Credit: Kevin Murphy

Lorna, a volunteer for the rescue organisation said that she believes he has ditched the city since a flock of seagulls invaded the area at Riverside where he had been spotted on several occasions over a time frame of a few months.  

Kevin Murphy, lead advisor at Norfolk Wildlife Rescue, said: “It’s always difficult to assess without proper information and identification but it really is amazing just how many Eurasian eagle owls are on the lose at the same time.

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“The owl seemed to be seeking people for food.”

Videos originally believed to be Alfie sitting on a balcony in the riverside area looking for food was later determined to be Buddy – a fellow owl who escaped to the same area.

Alfie the European Eagle Owl 

Alfie the European Eagle Owl - Credit: Sam Murphy

“If no suitable food source is forthcoming this may trigger a change in Alfie’s behaviour to seek food further afield,“ Kevin added.  

He said that extending his territory would not be hard for impressive Alfie who has a wingspan of more than 6ft.  

He continued: “I am most surprised more sightings have not been reported for the largest owl in the world.” 

Alfie's owner Peter Murphy does not know what more he can do.  

He said: “Alfie probably moved on if another male came into the area.  

“Though I have had people messaging me saying that they have seen him in the Unthank Road area, so there is nothing that I can really do anymore.”  

Any sightings should be reported to Norfolk Wildlife Rescue on 07932 844524 - and if you have any pictures or video email 

Peter Murphy rescued Alfie around four years ago, but Alfie has now been at large for 18 months. 

Peter Murphy rescued Alfie around four years ago, but Alfie has now been at large for 18 months. - Credit: Sam Murphy

Alfie: The story so far  

Alfie went missing from his Lakenham home in 2020 during a house move where he was mistakenly let out of his cage.  

He was a rescue owl so he was not tame which is what has made it so difficult to get him back.  

Alfie then spent months around Carrow Road with sightings being reported back to his owner Peter Murphy.  

Peter urged readers not to put their hand near Alfie and to not try to catch him unless they had a net with a very long handle.  

Alfie was seen eating rabbits and various birds from people's roofs, letting his owners know that he was not going hungry.  

Then in March of this year it was reported that Alfie had attacked a jogger in the Carrow Road area.  

Later, experts claimed that the lovesick Alfie was not being aggressive but instead was looking for a mate.  

It was then revealed that two other eagle owls, Buddy and Luna, were also in the area.  

In recent weeks Buddy has been caught but neither Alfie or Luna have been seen since.