Add 1920s glamour to your home

The Art Deco look for homes is back, says Emma Harrowing. So how can you get the glamour of the 1920s into your home?

Interiors are going glitzy this spring, with mirrored furniture, glass and crystal reminiscent of the roaring 1920s.

It is easy to see why this eloquent look is a trend. For a start flapper fashion is on the catwalks – and its a sure-fired certainty that what we wear will be mirrored in our homes.

Then there is the highly anticipated release of The Great Gatsby which hits our screens later this year. The high glamour look is also the perfect way to brighten up our homes and escape into a fantasy world.

Get the look with geometric shapes, chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, silver, black and white. Choose single pieces of furniture rather than a suite and bring back parquet flooring or linoleum in black and white chequerboard tiles. And remember to put Ostrich feathers on display.

You can also make an impact by silver-leafing your entire ceiling and black glossing your floor. It's the perfect setting for a lavish cocktail party.

Too far?

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You can always take elements of 1920s style to create your own individual style. Keep your room as minimal as possible and jazz it up with a geometric mirror above the fireplace, silver candle holders, shiny metallic cushions, a glass light shade and crystal cut wine glasses on the side in case you get any unexpected visitors.

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