Action group vows to fight Wymondham homes plan

Stephanie BrooksA residents' action group has been formed to fight controversial plans to bring 3,000 new homes to Wymondham.Stephanie Brooks

A residents' action group has been formed to fight controversial plans to bring 3,000 new homes to Wymondham.

Vision: Our Wymondham (VOW) believes the greenfield expansion put forward by London-based planning consultant Barton Willmore could blight the historic market town for years.

The group is currently conducting research and gathering evidence with the aim of compiling detailed objections against the proposals.

Barton Willmore presented a plan in March, which included plans for 2,200 homes within the next 16 years and a further 800 after 2026 to be built on the north east edge of the town, which could also create 2,500 new jobs.

Bruce Cane, chairman of VOW, said: 'We consider that, if not thought through properly, a development of this size could blight the town for years to come. This development will bring urban sprawl to Wymondham, resulting in traffic jams, pressure on services and loss of a beautiful area of valuable farming land.'

Part of VOW's campaign is also to ensure all residents are thoroughly consulted on the plans.

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The group will be manning a stall at Wymondham's Farmers' Market on Saturday where it will be asking people to sign a petition calling on South Norfolk Council to guarantee no decisions are made on the scheme without proper consideration of residents' views.

Mr Cane, said: 'Planning for a development of this scale should be carried out with the residents of Wymondham involved from the outset. We would expect such a consultation to take at least two to three years.

'Barton Willmore have presented the plans in an entirely one sided manner, allowing only two days consultation with the public.'

He added: 'When you say it quickly, 3,000 doesn't sound like a lot but this would be an enormous development which would increase the size of Wymondham by almost 50pc in the space of a few years. To put it in some perspective, it is the same size as building three Hart's Farm developments all in one area.

'The most frightening thing in all this is that it all seems to be going on over the heads of the residents of Wymondham - the very people who will be most affected by it.'

VOW can be contacted via its facebook page, called Vision: Our Wymondham. It is also constructing a website, found at