'Accident waiting to happen' - Safety complaints after woman hurt

Residents have complained about the grass verges at Abbey Road in Horsham St Faith

Residents have complained about the grass verges at Abbey Road in Horsham St Faith - Credit: Google Maps

The county council has vowed to inspect a road after complaints over safety were compounded by a woman suffering whiplash and knee injuries. 

Parish councillor Barry Coe had received many complaints about Abbey Road in Horsham St Faith due to its slippery surface. 

Grass cuttings had been left on the path causing one woman, who did not wish to be identified, to slip over and hit her right knee on the kerb. 

She was taken to see a doctor who told her she had suffered whiplash and a twisted neck as a result of her fall, as well as bruising to her leg. 

Mr Coe said: "It's an accident waiting to happen and nothing seems to be done about it. 

"Several people have knocked on my door and stopped to complain about it.

"I was rather hoping they came out and swept all the paths because it is so dangerous.

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"I have rang to complain several times as a lot of old people live down there. I am not getting anywhere with the county council."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk County Council said the road will be inspected after the concerns were raised. 

She added: "We do not collect grass cuttings as part of the cutting process. This applies to all routine grass cutting on the highway in the county.

"Grass cuttings that have blown onto the road will be collected by normal street cleaning operations.”

The county council website states the authority cut grass verges along the majority of Norfolk’s roads between May and September each year. Public rights of way are dealt with separately. 

It also says clippings are left on the verge as the "sheer amount" means they cannot be collected.

"Leaving them is also good for the environment, as nutrients get passed back into the soil," it continues. 

Mr Coe believes the situation could have been prevented a long time ago. 

He said: "It's laughable really. Services are getting worse and it is the first time they have cut it this year. The grass was so long on the path and it was a complete mess."