A week of celebration and inspiration

Sheriff of Norwich Derek James looks back at another busy week of engagements in the city.

It has been a week to look back and remember.

A week to look forward and celebrate.

And a week to stand up and shout from the rooftops: On the Ball City!

Young Henri Lansbury is a man who made, not one, but two sheriffs very happy men on Tuesday.

It was another one of those special nights at Carrow Road when I had a feeling that those supporters who get up to leave five minutes before the end would miss out again.

'Don't worry,' the High Sheriff of Norfolk Charles Barratt assured me as the minutes ticked away.

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'They will score right at the end. I know they will.'

And he was right.

Paul Lambert's 'green army' never gives up and once again they grabbed the three points with the last kick of the game.

That's what Norwich football is all about at the moment – true grit.

After a quick chorus of asking the Millwall fans who they were, we left with a smile on our faces and a spring in our step.

So, on behalf of two very happy sheriffs, I have just two words for the Canaries – thank you.

Earlier in the evening I had been at the City Hall and had the privilege of listening to one of the best public speakers I had heard for some time – Peter Tatchell.

What an amazing man he is, such a passionate campaigner for justice and human rights all over the world.

Peter was in Norwich to launch the third LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) History month in the city and county, which has became a major event so many people enjoy.

And when he spoke you could hear a pin drop.

This event has grown quickly and it gives all of us the opportunity to learn more about the history of LGBT people and, as Peter pointed out, much good work has been done but there is still far more to do.

The motto – remembering the past, educating the present and creating the future – sums it up well and there are about 60 events taking place during February.

Some are educational, some are fun but all offer everyone an opportunity to meet... and celebrate.

More details about the month can be found at www.lgbtm.org.uk