A room of gloom with your choice of a view

I knew there was something I should have asked when I bought my house – 'will it survive Doomsday? Oh, and is the extension actually legal?'

The answer to both questions would have been no (disclaimer: the extension is now legal) which means that when Armageddon comes, I will be incinerated to dust along with the rest of you.

I know: it's a terrible waste. You should all club together to preserve me for posterity by buying me an apartment in the shaft of an abandoned missile silo in Kansas.

The flats come with a pool, a cinema and a library. There's only so much mourning you can do for humanity and planet Earth before you're going to need a nice swim.

Developer Larry Hall has sold four of his �7m apartments to people keen to have a haven to escape to when destruction rains from the skies.

Hall himself has one due to his fear of a solar flare wiping out the power grid.

He, his wife and son live in Denver and say they will use their flat 'mostly as a vacation home'.

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A holiday in a disused missile silo deep under the earth in Kansas: on the plus side, you'll save a fortune in sun cream, on the minus side, you'll come back with rickets as a souvenir.

Hall has installed an indoor farm to feed 70 people for as long as they need to stay inside and is stockpiling enough dry goods to feed them for five years.

Giant underground water tanks will hold pre-filtered water and an elaborate security system and staff will keep marauding hordes out. And possibly zombies.

The exact location of the apartments is being kept a secret – although seeing as they're housed in an old missile base, presumably all of the countries involved in the Cold War could take a pretty good guess at their location and residents will be able to choose their view – Paris, New York, a beach… the sky's the limit (literally. The apartments are underground).

It had previously been difficult to think of anything more cataclysmically depressing than the annihilation of the world, but spending eternity with 69 rich Americans probably pips Doomsday to the post.