A plea for your old postcards - to help deaf children.

The view from Norwich Castle

The view from Norwich Castle - Credit: Archant

How your old cards have raised more than £18,232 to help children across Norfolk.

Several years ago I asked for your help - it was a request for you to send me your old postcards.

It didn't matter how old they were or what they were of: -

<t> Cromer Pier or Egyptian Pyramids.

<t> African tribesmen or dear old Billy Bluelight the boat racer.

<t> New York skyscrapers or Norwich landmarks.

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Someone, somewhere wanted them.

Thanks to you those cards who have given me have now raised no less than £18,232.29p and every penny of that has gone to help the work of the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society.

I send your cards to Michael and Sylvia Porter who sell them at postcard fairs across the region and have customers all over this country and abroad.

Think of a subject and the chances are they will know of someone, somewhere, who collects them.

And postcards, in this hi-tech world of ours, are now even more collectable.

There was a time when the first thing many people did when they went on holiday was to sit down a write a postcard, now they are more likely to send a text from their mobile.

'We can't thank Evening News readers enough. They have been so generous over the years,' said the Porters who have collected tens of thousands of pounds for the society over the years by selling postcards.

Just last month the cards Evening News readers sent in raised another £77.30p for the society. They use the money to buy a range of equipment to make life a little easier for deaf children in the city and county and they do a magnificent job.

'It is wonderful to see the cards keep coming in and we never know what is going to turn up. Old or new,' said Michael.

<t> A century ago postcards were a window on our world not only highlighting our towns, cities and countryside but also recording events - from fires and floods to royal visits and from works outings to local characters.

Today they are a fascinating glimpse of the way we were.


Please keep those cards coming in. You can drop them off for me at Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, or at any of our branch offices. If you prefer then give me a call on Norwich 772420 or at derek.james@archant.co.uk and I will arrange for them to be collected.

And once again - thank you for helping the work of the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society.