A new look for a new year for Lisa from Norwich

Lisa Quattromini with the stylists at Hooloovoo on Pottergate.

Lisa Quattromini with the stylists at Hooloovoo on Pottergate. - Credit: Archant

It's a new year and a new look for Lisa Quattromini as Emma Harrowing gives another reader a makeover.

Lisa Quattromini before her Life Matters makeover.

Lisa Quattromini before her Life Matters makeover. - Credit: Archant

Inevitably the New Year makes us all feel like we need a bit of a revamp. This 'out with the old and in with the new' mentality makes many of us a little restless in January when we long to change our hair style, finally master a stylish look or find a make-up look that boosts our complexion so that we don't have winter's dull grey tinge.

Evening News makeover Lisa Quattromini with her new look in Debenhams, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

Evening News makeover Lisa Quattromini with her new look in Debenhams, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

For 45 year old Lisa Quattromini from Norwich this unsettled feeling is one that she has been experiencing for a while. Unsure what clothes suit her shape she has stuck to pieces that make her feel comfortable regardless of if they make her look stylish or not. Fed up with going to the hairdressers only to come out 'feeling and looking the same or even worse than when she went in' has led her to cut her own hair and her make-up routine is practically non-existent although she longs for a flawless face.

'I'm not really the type of person who likes changing their style often so instead I tend to buy pieces that I know I can wear forever,' says Lisa.

'As for my hair, my husband is always saying that I should get my hair cut properly rather than trying to cut it myself. However, from past experience going to a hair salon has been a waste of time as I never really like what they do to my hair.'


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Lisa wants a total revamp of her look so we make a start with her clothes. Debenhams personal shopper Helen Newton is on hand to offer Lisa some advice.

Helen says: 'You don't have to just come to see a personal shopper when you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion. We are on hand to offer free advice for any style dilemma. Lisa likes a smart casual look and although she has the right idea when it comes to investing in key pieces rather than buying in bulk, the pieces need to flatter her body shape if she wants to look classically stylish.'

Lisa is conscience of her thighs and often hides her legs under mid length skirts or trousers. What she doesn't realise is that she has an hourglass shape body meaning that her top and bottom are in proportion and she has a tiny waist. Her current style includes wearing full mid length skirts which hide her shape and tops that end at the tops of her thighs which draw attention to the part of the body she dislikes.

To shake up her look, Helen shows Lisa how a classic jersey dress that falls just above her knee can highlight her waist and draw attention away from her thighs. Worn with a pair of opaque tights and boots gives the dress a more casual twist that is just as comfortable to wear as separates. The addition of a scarf gives Lisa's new casual look a stylish twist.


The stylists at Hooloovoo hair salon on Pottergate face a bit of a challenge when it comes to Lisa's home-cut hair, but the stylists soon put her at ease with their advice on how she can update her look.

For the colour Lisa's harsh blonde hair is given a softer, natural blonde look with three tones of highlights ranging from dark to light blonde woven through a semi-permanent golden blonde base. For the cut Lisa's thin hair is given a volume boost with a graduated bob to create height at the back and top and layers to give the style messy, textured body.


To complete Lisa's new look Urban Decay make-up artist Vicky in Debenhams shows Lisa how she can get the flawless make-up look she wants.

The verdict

Lisa says: 'I'm amazed at how great my hair looks and feels and I no longer feel reluctant to visit the hairdressers. I would never have chosen to wear a dress, especially one that is above my knee, but with the tights and boots I feel comfortable and look stylish for once! When I looked in the mirror after having my make-up done I couldn't believe that this is actually me!'