A new anti ageing skincare solution for Norwich

Emma Harrowing discovers a new skincare treatment available in Norwich that uses the power of coffee to reduce the signs of ageing – but does it work?

A good strong cup of coffee is just what I need to feel awake in the mornings, but coffee as an anti-ageing product for my skin? – now there's a gimmick if I had ever heard of one.

Now before you go out and start rubbing coffee beans into your face or making a concoction of instant coffee powder and natural yoghurt, kind of like an anti-ageing face mask, stop and put down that jar of coffee. Coffee bean extract has been used in cosmetics for sometime and caffeine has become a 'super' ingredient in anti-ageing products with the likes of Garnier launching its Skin Renew skincare last year which contains caffeine.

However, this new 'miracle' product is made from coffee berry rather than beans, an extract derived from the whole fruit – the coffee cherry – of the coffee plant. It is this that scientist believe is the most powerful antioxidant discovered so far.

Like most anti-ageing ingredients before it, coffee berry has been clinically tested and proven to fight the causes of ageing skin. In fact, according to the makers of this new skincare range it is an extract that is proven to be three times more efficient as that other popular anti-ager green tea. And, like its predecessors it has been patented.

Life Matters skin expert Louise Thomas-Minns, who set the U and Your Skin lounge on Unthank Road, says that the Priori CoffeeBerry range of skincare is exclusive to her in Norwich. She also believes that the products really do work. Says Louise: 'I would only ever use and sell products that have had stringent clinical trials and are evidence based and I also prefer to use products that are derived from natural sources.

'This new range of skincare contains many polyphenol antioxidants that prevent cellular damage to the skin caused by UV rays and free radical activity. In clinical trials there was a 55pc reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a 40pc improvement in skin smoothness.

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'The range is also very eco friendly, using high levels of Fair Trade and natural ingredients.'

So do these new products actually work? I tried out the Priori Coffeeberry Natureceuticals Brightening Facial Complex cleanser and the Priori CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals Daily Complex moisturiser, which I used twice a day for four weeks.

To kick-start my new skincare regime I also had a facial treatment with Louise in her skin lounge on Unthank Road using the CoffeeBerry products.

The products felt slightly tingly on my skin but light, and as with the majority of professional skin treatments I left feeling relaxed, revitalised and my skin looked radiant and felt soft. The test, I felt, would be in the longer term use of the products.

After using both the cleanser and the moisturiser for nearly a month my skin is noticeably different. My face feels and looks smoother and fine lines that had begun to form around my mouth and my eyes have virtually disappeared.

After removing makeup – the cleanser is great for getting rid of even long lasting makeup and waterproof mascara – my skin is beginning to look flawless and my skin looks brighter. The moisturiser is light enough to wear during the day and is a great base for makeup. Both products smell nice, if a little sweet as vanilla is added to counteract the overwhelming smell of coffee. And both products are in an easy-to-use pump action container, making it easy to use a small amount of product.

The only downside is that the cleanser doesn't foam up on your face, which is a feeling that really makes me feel as if I am cleaning my skin. However, I soon got used to the lack of lather and after a double cleanse my skin feels squeaky clean.

I have noticed such a great difference to my skin that I'm still using both the products day and night (when I remember to take off my makeup!).

Whether or not I will buy another batch once the products have run out (the cleanser costs �32 and the moisturiser �57.50) will be the biggest test of the longevity of my use of these products. However, you only need to use a small amount and so the products will last a good few months. Plus if I continue to see improvements in my skin tone and importantly in the reduction of fine lines, I might be tempted to treat myself every three or four months, if only to continue my daily routine of having my morning coffee as well as treating my skin to a dose of coffee berry extract.

As you can tell I'm addicted already!

To try the Priori CoffeeBerry range for yourself contact Louise at U and Your Skin at enquiries@uandyourskin.co.uk