A naturally delightful look from Norfolk

Dried flowers are set to make a comeback in the home next year but why not embrace the trend now and bring a bit of nature to your home this autumn? By Emma Harrowing.

There is something about dried flowers that makes them ripe for a revival in the home. First of all they fit with the going trend of adding a natural touch and all year round colour to your home. Secondly, with the vintage revolution in full flight, dried flowers offer a look of the past to the home, and thirdly they appeal to the latest craze for mend and make do.

In Norfolk there is also another reason why dried flowers could be set to make a comeback. Winter Flora in Beccles has more than 40 years experience in dried flowers and this summer alone the company has dried 10 acres of flowers for retailers such as John Lewis and the general public. The fact that dried flowers are produced in Norfolk appeals to our greater sense of wanting to buy local.

Richard Seppings, managing director at Winter Flora, comments: 'A few years back dried flowers went out of favour but are now making a dominant comeback. There's a new focus on 'Britishness' and quality, which is why there's a desire for naturally grown dried flowers, as opposed to artificial, and with vintage tea-party or country garden looks still being popular, dried flowers are the perfect accessory in 2013.'

Richard wants to shake off the old image of dried flowers stuck into oasis and placed into baskets by encouraging people to create their own home decorations and accessories out of different flower species.

'There are many different species that when dried can create different looks for your home,' says Richard. 'The trend is for less fussy arrangements and more about working with the natural structure of the flowers to create anything from table decorations to statement pieces of art in your home.

'Harmony, larkspur and lavender are perfect flowers to work with. You can even grow your own dill let it go to seed and then harvest the head – the shape makes a great decoration for the home.'

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Lamb's Ears is another flower that makes a modern centrepiece for the home. The light grey soft and fluffy leaves and flower heads are perfect if you are creating this season's heritage look with knitted throws and cushion covers.

The key themes for the revival are simple; opt for natural colours and incorporate understated country garden flowers such as daisies, larkspur, lavender and statice.

If new to dried flowers, select a pre-tied arrangement of pastel pinks and purple hues which is bound with string for a simple centerpiece. Alternatively, a barley sheaf or an artichoke wreath will make a more striking impression if going for a contemporary or rustic look.

If you need another reason to jump on board this emerging interior trend how about that it is a look that could save you money. Dried flowers have an 18-month lifespan, making them more economical than buying fresh flowers on a weekly basis. So now you can have the beauty of natural flowers in your home at a fraction of the cost all year round.

Winter Flora produce floral displays and arrangements for all seasons and to suit all styles/homes from spring collections for bouquets and posies, summer themed dried flower displays and baskets, autumnal bunches and branches, as well as wreaths, garlands and lights for winter and the special Christmas season. For more information visit winterflora.com