A deserved makeover for best friends

Alison Marriot and Nicola Wyard have had a challenging year, which is why their colleague nominated them for a Life Matters makeover. Emma Harrowing catches up with them as they have their style transformation.

Best friends Alison Marriot and Nicola Wyard have a lot in common. Both care for their elderly parents and both women have been on a diet in a bid to lose weight.

They also work together at the charity Crossroads Care, an organisation that provides support for carers and the people they care for. The organisation works with over 35,000 people nationwide to help carers have a life of their own as well as being a carer for their loved ones.

Being carers themselves, both Alison and Nicola know how time-consuming the job can be and yet both unequivocally volunteer their time to looking after their parents.

'When you get in your 50s looking after your mum or dad is just something that you do, after all they always looked after you,' says Alison.

Alison and Nicola have also lost about three stone in weight between them and are continuing their healthy eating regime in a bid to lose a few more pounds.

It is their determination and commitment to both causes that led their colleague, Crossroads Care Helpline coordinator Maria Plumb, to nominate both of the women for a Life Matters makeover.

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After a clothes makeover with Emma Parncutt, personal shopper at Debenhams, cut and colour with Justin at Nigel Alexandre and makeup at Pampers beauty salon on Castle Street, Alison and Nicola took to the streets to show off their new look.

Says Alison: 'I would never have picked out the outfit I'm wearing, especially not the animal print pencil skirt but it looks great when worn with the grey tights! Faux fur is also another item I wouldn't have usually worn, but this cropped jacket looks quite good.

'My hair is amazing and I got some good colour and style tips from Justin so that I can look after my colour and style my curly hair myself.

'My makeup looks natural and although I was initially shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror, as I don't usually wear a lot of makeup) I like my new look.'

Says Nicola: 'I'm not too sure about the coat as I'm used to wearing anoraks, but the colour is lovely. I cannot believe that I have found a pair of trousers that fit my new shape, they make me look a lot slimmer than the size 16 ones that seem to drown me!

'I love the colour of my hair as it looks so natural. Justin has cut a lot of the weight out of my hair so it feels a bit strange at the moment, but I can see that it should be easier to style at home now that it is thinner.

'My makeup is amazing. It doesn't feel like I am wearing makeup as I haven't got that heavy cakey feel that you can sometimes get with makeup. And it looks amazing!'