A day at the races for Taverham Hall pupils

Pupils from Taverham Hall Preparatory School had fun learning about art and maths on a day out at Fakenham Racecourse.

The year four pupils visited the racecourse on Tuesday, November 20, and classmates James Burrage and Archie Liston said they all had a fantastic time.

They said: 'We met Ollie McPhail, a retired jockey who showed us around and told us all about what happens at the races. First of all we were given racing colours to wear and a booklet with different activities in. Then we went to meet the horses arriving for the races in their horseboxes and looked at their passports and the farrier showed us their racing shoes, which are called plates. 'Next, we used a trundle wheel to work out how many horses would fit safely in the parade ring. In the weighing room we met Emily Crossman who was riding Monroe Park in the first race, and we weighed ourselves and did lots of sums. Then it was time for the first race and we had to judge the horses for the best turned out prize – we chose number two, Mangonel, because he had a neatly plaited mane and tail. The horses were so excited they rocketed out of the ring and galloped up to the start, our horse came second in the race.'

After the race the children had their photograph taken with the winning jockey before watching another race.