“A colleague walked past me recently and didn’t even recognise me” - bus driver’s slimming success

After slimming

After slimming - Credit: Archant

A Bowthorpe bus driver is celebrating after losing 4.5 stone in 18 months and dropping from a size 24 work uniform to a size 12.

Before slimming

Before slimming - Credit: Archant

Tereasa Hawkins used Slimming World after previous attempts to lose weight on her own to allow her to have a hysterectomy were unsuccessful.

She said: 'I gradually gained weight when I left school but I just couldn't lose weight on my own.'

She was at breaking point, depressed and low and visited her GP for help, who recommended the company.

The 42-year-old added: 'I was struggling after my 12-hour shifts at work and was always breathless; everything seemed to be an effort.

'I would come home tired, grab a take away or convenience food, sit in front of the TV and fall asleep.

'On my first night I was feeling very apprehensive and didn't know what to expect and wondered if anyone would speak to me, however I was relieved to receive a big smile and warm welcome from Emily the consultant and the other members in the group who were really friendly.

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'I was amazed at how much I could eat and I would lose weight, I found out that I could still enjoy my favourite meals like Sunday roast, stir-frys and even chocolate.

'I cook so much from scratch now. Eating out is not a problem either as in group I have gained ideas from other members to support me.'

The group also encouraged her to take up more activity.

She said: 'I now walk most days and feel so much better in myself, I no longer get out of breath when I walk and love receiving my awards in group for all my achievements.'

She said that her work colleagues were amazed by her weight loss, and the change in her appearance.

She said: 'A colleague walked past me recently and didn't even recognise me.

'They are so proud of me and I have inspired other drivers to attend groups.

'I am so much more comfortable driving now and it was really uncomfortable behind the steering wheel before I lost weight.

'I love that I can shop for new clothes and look good instead of hiding in baggy clothes'

Now she plans to help others to realise their dreams and is looking forward to becoming a Slimming World Consultant and is re-launching the Tuckswood morning and evening groups.

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