7 plant shops in Norwich to make your green-leafed dreams come true

Whether you’ve got green fingers or you just want some plants to make your home look like the photo from Pinterest, a good plant shop is a delight.

Here is a list of seven shops in the Norwich area where you can get your hands on an assortment of cacti or a mini Swiss cheese plant.

The Plant Den

You’ll find this plant nursery on Upper St Giles Street; it is run by a couple who believe “plants improve our lives and living spaces”.

The business started in Spring 2018 and since then it has been selling a diverse range of indoor plants from Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am-6pm.

Leslie Terrance Plant Shop

This plant shop is based on Magdalen Road with its interiors built from recycled wood and salvaged timber which gives it that jungle feel.

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Leslie Terrance developed her love for plants fairly young as she spent time as a child gardening with her Grandad. She has filled the shop from top to bottom with a huge range of house plants


The independent lifestyle store, which was established in 2017, is hidden away within the lanes of Norwich. The store owner works as a ceramicist but amongst the lifestyle store is a range of plants.

The list includes cacti, succulents, foliage plants and hanging plants to name a few of the categories you can chose from. There is even ‘hard to find’ plants so you can buy that pineapple plant you always dreamed about.

Bo-Tanical Norwich

The owner, Joe Ridoutt, was a “plant addict” so he opened Bo-Tanical in October 2018 as he spotted a gap in the market. From there, he has had a booming houseplant shop and more than 42,000 followers on Instagram.

On the Norwich Market at Stall 14 and 15, you’ll find Bo-Tanical’s unique range of houseplants, pots and sundries such as bonsais and terrariums to bring some green into your home.

Urban Jungle Plant Nursery and Café

The Urban Jungle Norfolk opened in 2001 in Costessey and has since flourished into an exotic plant nursery with a second Urban Jungle Plant Nursery and Café in Suffolk.

It has a Cactus house and an Arid Tunnel which is a shrine to all things spiky. The shop surrounds you with tropical and exotic plants, you can buy them and start your own jungle at home.

Thorpe Plant Centre

This family-run garden centre is located on Plumstead Road East, Norwich is surrounded by beautiful woodland.

You can grab a variety of garden plants as well as the bedding, pots and accessories you need to ensure your plant thrives. It is also on top of trends within the plant world, including air plants.

Notcutts Norwich

On Daniels Road, Norwich, you’ll find Notcutts which was a business founded in 1897 with the aim to make a wider variety of plants available to grow in any garden.

You’ll find anything and everything to decorate your house in plants from the classic house plants to the more adventurous perennials, climbing plants and trees.