5-year-old St John Ambulance member from Sprowston helps woman

A St John Ambulance member from Sprowston has received a one of the organisation's rarest awards in recognition of his quick thinking and bravery on a shopping trip.

Micah Bailey, aged five, is a St John Badger and received his Badger Certificate of Commendation, issued by the St John's Ambulance's Chief Officer Youth, for helping an unconscious woman.

Micah, who has only been a Badger for a short while and only recently undertook his basic first aid training, was out shopping with his mother, Victoria Bailey, when they came across the unconscious woman at their local supermarket.

Micah explained everything that needed to be done, such as calling for help and instructing his mum on how to put the unconscious woman into the recovery position.

Mrs Bailey followed her son's instructions until the store's first aiders were able to take over.

Michah said: 'I was surprised to need my first aid, but am very glad I learnt it, as it helped me to keep calm in the situation.

'I am glad that the lady was okay by the time she went to the hospital.'

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When the St John Ambulance's national headquarters in London found out about his actions, Michah was awarded the organisation's commendation certificate, which is rarely awarded, especially to such a young member.

Mrs Bailey said: 'I am very proud of Micah, and was amazed, as were the staff, by the confidence he showed.

'He really enjoys Badgers, and his leaders are very inspirational for the children.'

Micah added: 'I am looking forward to learning more first aid. We also do lots of exciting things in Badgers too, like our Explorers badge'

For more information about the Badgers visit www.sja.org.uk/sja/young-people/badgers.aspx or call 08700 10 49 50.

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