Builders at the city's former Mercy nightclub have reunited a cat with its owner more than TWO YEARS since it went missing.

After stints living in the prison grounds during the last few years, Sadie was found in the former Prince of Wales club and cinema during renovation work.

The black and white short-haired cat was taken to a vet and her owner, Stasia Mcmenemy, was over the moon when she got the call from Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership.

Sadie went missing just days after Stasia brought her homeSadie went missing just days after Stasia brought her home (Image: Stasia Mcmenemy)

"I cried the whole way there," said Stasia, who lives in Thorpe Hamlet.

"My broken heart is mended!"

The cat went missing in July 2022 when she pushed open a window and ran off - just days after Stasia had rehomed her.

She spent days searching, putting up posters around the area hoping someone might have seen Sadie.

Stasia Mcmenemy lives in Thorpe HamletStasia Mcmenemy lives in Thorpe Hamlet (Image: Stasia Mcmenemy)

"I heard nothing for around six months," she said.

"Then one day I got a phone call from someone at the prison who was out on parole and had seen my posters, who said he knew where Sadie was."

Sadie had been living with a fox in the grounds of HMP Norwich, where inmates and staff had been feeding her.

Despite attempts to catch her, the cat kept escaping and Stasia wasn't allowed into the prison to take her home.

Sadie was found in the derelict Mercy nightclub in Prince of Wales RoadSadie was found in the former Mercy nightclub in Prince of Wales Road (Image: Denise Bradley)

Then she disappeared.

Last week, Stasia received a call that she never thought would come.

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Builders had moved in to transform the former Mercy nightclub into flats in May and were haunted by the sound of a cat meowing all over the building. 

Sadie was found by some builders in an air conditioning unitSadie was found by some builders in an air conditioning unit (Image: Stasia Mcmenemy)

"It took them a long time to find her because she was trapped in the air conditioning vent, so her cries were echoing all around the building," explained Stasia.

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"They crawled through the vents to find her and to check if there were any kittens."

While Sadie was initially very scared, the builders kept feeding her and eventually, she let them catch her and take her to a vet.

Sadie was reunited with Stasia last week and has enjoyed snuggling up and relaxing in her home.