Plans to build a farm and wine shop at a vineyard near the city have emerged as it continues growing in popularity.

The owner of Sveinns Hamlet Winery and Vineyard, Simon Cruickshank, has applied to build an eco-friendly shop on some of his land in Swainsthorpe, south of Norwich.

While the grape vines were only planted five years ago, the vineyard is growing quickly, with the wine produced from last year's crop proving popular.

Norwich Evening News: The vineyard is in SwainsthorpeThe vineyard is in Swainsthorpe (Image: Newsquest)

"We made a Bacchus with the grapes we had last year," explained Mr Cruikshank, who also owns Simon's Landscaping Ltd.

"It turned out really nicely.

Norwich Evening News: The grapes have already started growingThe grapes have already started growing (Image: Newsquest)

"The vineyard is growing increasingly popular and people have shown a lot of interest so we thought it would be great for them to have a place on-site to enjoy a glass of wine and maybe buy a bottle or two."

The building, which is set to be used as a wine shop and sampling area with produce from the local farm available to buy, will have toilets and a resting area inside for those who work in the vineyard.

The roof will be covered on the south side with solar panels to make sure the space runs on green electricity.

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However, one local has objected to the application saying that it would "blight the landscape".

Norwich Evening News: The shop will be behind the Sugar Beet Pub on the A140, with access through the pub's car parkThe shop will be behind the Sugar Beet Pub on the A140, with access through the pub's car park (Image: South Norfolk District Council)

They said: "There are already welfare facilities at the pub, also the garages that have been built in the pub car park can be used for the shop and welfare facilities.

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"The proposed building being six metres high is ridiculous as it will overshadow local properties and block the light."

Mr Cruikshank has confirmed that the shop will be on some land behind the Sugar Beet Pub on the A140 and far from any properties in the local area.

If approved by South Norfolk Council the shop would be built in time for the summer of 2025.