A group of Norfolk paddlers are gearing up for a river clean-up on Saturday.

Organised by Norfolk Paddle Meet Up (NPMU), the initiative aims to promote environmental conservation.

In collaboration with Thorpe Ferry Cafe, Baldies Boards and Sup Whales, the NPMU will embark on a clean-up of the Wensum and Yare rivers in Norwich.

Darren Reeve, who runs the NPMU, said: “Rubbish in our rivers is a massive problem. No governing body is taking responsibility for the problem and it’s mostly down to volunteers, like my group and many others, who end up taking on the task."

Participants are set to meet at 9am at meeting points including Thorpe Ferry Cafe and Nuffield Health gym, before shortly heading onto the water for a 10.30am start.

Any rubbish collected within the three-hour timeframe is then set to be taken to various dumping locations, set out by the local council.

Darren added: “We have the most beautiful sections of river, the most amazing wildlife, we should only leave behind footprints and memories but alas, lots of people don’t have that ethos.”