A new billboard along one of the main routes into Norwich aims to provide a "drive-by warning" about the environment.

The art installation by Scott Poulson is located in Barn Road, near the bottom of Grapes Hill, and it consists of a 20ft by 10ft photograph of brambles.

Titled 'Billboard' it is available to view from now until Sunday, May 26 2024.

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Mr Poulson said: "In an era when the destructive stamp of mankind on the planet is becoming ever more terrifyingly clear, Billboard speaks up for nature.

"It is on a hoarding that usually carries adverts for new cars, phone upgrades or foreign holidays.

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"Offering nothing for sale, it short-circuits the promotional norms of desire and consumption and instead invites passers-by to question their relationship with the natural world."

Poulson chose the bramble because of the plant's environmental credentials. 

Although it is largely not encouraged to grow in the city, the barbed stems provide valuable protection for nesting birds and a habitat for a range of small animals.