Magdalen Street has been transformed over the decades due to huge construction projects and new businesses. 

The area underwent major development in the 1960s with the construction of Anglia Square and the flyover making it look almost unrecognisable from the decade before.

Whether you know the road like the back of your hand or only in passing, swipe to see how one of Norwich's well-known roads has changed through the decades.

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1. Chandler & Skitmore's Carpets

The original image, without a date, shows Chandler & Skitmore's Carpets and an entrance to Anglia Square.

The first phase of construction of Anglia Square and Sovereign House began between 1968 and1970.

Chandler & Skitmore's Carpets is now Spinners, a gaming lounge.

2. St Saviours Church

This original image was taken in 1963, looking across at St Saviours Church.

3. Looses Emporium

Looses Emporium has stood the test of time - staying in the same spot since before this original image was taken in 1972.

4. Nergiz Restaurant

Looking up towards St Saviours Lane, this original image taken in 1983 shows that what is now Nergiz Restaurant was once a Lloyds Bank.

5. General Magdalen Street view

Magdalen Street has been home to multitudes of businesses over the years. 

6. Flyover

This original image was taken during the controversial construction of the flyover after it began in January 1971.

Norwich City Council approved the construction of the flyover in April 1962, but even after the approval, campaigners attempted to get the council and government to change their minds.

It came after the construction of Anglia Square and Sovereign House.

7. Stump Cross

The original image was taken in 1959 and shows Magdalen Street at Stump Cross with Botolph Street on the left of the picture.

All of the buildings in the original image were demolished in order for construction of the flyover to begin.