A "shocked" charity chief believes a girl caught on video swinging her dog around by its collar has been let off lightly.

The shocking video surfaced online late last month showing the 13-year-old girl spinning the dog in circles by its neck at Harford Park in Tuckswood before it flew around 20ft through the air and landed with a thud.

Police officers have since spoken to two teenage girls involved in the incident.

Norwich Evening News: The dog is spun around at least two times before flying off the leash and hitting the ground hard several metres awayThe dog is spun around at least two times before flying off the leash and hitting the ground hard several metres away (Image: Facebook)

A spokeswoman said: "As part of the investigation, officers interviewed one of the teenage girls and spoke to the other. They have both been issued with community resolutions after admitting their involvement.

"Community resolutions are issued to children and young people aged under 18, especially when it is their first offence and they haven't had any previous contact with the police, as in this case.

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"The aim of issuing a community resolution is to prevent reoffending and to ensure offenders truly understand what they did was wrong and why. Officers will be working with the two teenagers and the RSPCA in the coming weeks."

Police added that the dog in the video has been checked and is unharmed. It has not, however, been removed from the girl's household. 

This has worried Hayley Pattrick, of Lakenham-based Norfolk Greyhound Rescue, who previously spoke out about the "vile" act of animal abuse.

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She said: "I'm shocked that the police haven't taken that poor dog from the family and found it a loving home instead of giving her just a slap on the wrist.

"It's a sad world we live in where innocent animals can be treated in this manner and that nobody can be held accountable."

Norwich Evening News: Hayley Pattrick (centre) has been outspoken about the incidentHayley Pattrick (centre) has been outspoken about the incident (Image: Newsquest)

In the UK, animals are protected from abuse, pain, suffering and injury under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. If found guilty, offenders can be sent to prison and receive an unlimited fine.

Ms Pattrick added: "That poor dog will probably receive more torment and cruelty, and the young girl will be a bit wiser and not put it out on social media next time.

"At her age, she should know right from wrong."