Two model makers have brought joy to a brother and sister after restoring an item of historic family memorabilia.

Two members of The Shed, in Wymondham, have spent 300 hours restoring a model Manchester tram that is around 86 years old.

In a Repair Shop-style restoration, Pat Callow and Ian McDonald spent two and a half years and around 300 hours fixing up the antique model after siblings Barbara Hendon and Brian Rogerson approached them for help.

Norwich Evening News: From left: Barbara Hendon, Ian McDonald and Pat CallowFrom left: Barbara Hendon, Ian McDonald and Pat Callow (Image: The Shed Wymondham)

The tram was built from scratch by Walter Rogerson, their father, when he was 15 in 1938, and is an "impressive" scale model of a real Manchester tram, according to the chair of The Shed, Andrew Clarke.

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Pat said: "Although the project to restore Walter’s tram has taken a long while, being involved in bringing it back to its former glory has been very satisfying.

"It is difficult to imagine a 15-year-old schoolboy creating such a wonderfully accurate model, more than 80 years ago."

Norwich Evening News: Walter Rogerson first built the tram as a 15 year old around 86 years agoWalter Rogerson first built the tram as a 15 year old around 86 years ago (Image: Contributed)

Ian holds similar awe for the skill of Walter at 15, adding: "Restoring the tram has been an informative journey on how a young lad, with limited resources and tools, could have produced a model true to scale and character, of a form of transport now only found in a few cities and museums."

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On Saturday, April 27, Barbara and Brian were finally reunited with their father's model, as well as a photo album compiled throughout the last two and a half years showing the restoration from start to finish.

Norwich Evening News: The tram took more than 300 working hours to restoreThe tram took more than 300 working hours to restore (Image: The Shed Wymondham)

"We are both very proud of our dad who was able to craft such an accurate and authentic model at the tender age of 15," they said in a joint statement.

"With the skills of Pat and Ian, we have our tram back and are very grateful for their hard work.

"The tram will be making its way to Heaton Park Tramway Museum and put on display for visitors to enjoy."