A bus driver and a woman caught engaging in an indecent act after an image of them was widely circulated on social media have both received a police caution.

The First driver, wearing a high-visibility jacket, was photographed apparently receiving oral sex from the woman next to a parked bus, with the picture then posted online.

It is understood to have been taken in Atlantic Avenue, Sprowston, which is on the 11 and 11A Pink Line.

Police launched an investigation after the image appeared online, treating the incident as a case of outraging public decency.

Norwich Evening News: The image appears to show a man engaging in oral sex by the side of a First busThe image appears to show a man engaging in oral sex by the side of a First bus (Image: Manor Park Sprowston Facebook)Officers have now confirmed that they have tracked down both individuals, spoken to them and issued each of them with a conditional caution.

Meanwhile, First has announced that the driver no longer works for the firm.

A conditional caution is an alternative to prosecution in relatively minor cases.

They involve the offender admitting the offence and agreeing to comply with certain conditions.

If conditions are not complied with, they may then be prosecuted for the original offence.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: "Police interviewed a man and woman in connection with an incident of outraging public decency in Sprowston on Friday 22 March 2024 and both have subsequently been issued with a conditional caution."

A spokesman for First East of England added: "We have now concluded the investigation into the incident, and I can confirm that any employees involved are no longer with the business.

“At First Bus we expect all our employees to behave appropriately and in line with our company policies and values at all times.”

Modern double-decker buses have up to 12 cameras that face inside and out but it is unknown if the cameras were running at the time or if First possessed any footage. 

The image, believed to have been captured between 9pm and 10pm on March 22, was posted in the Manor Park Sprowston group on Facebook by an anonymous user last month.