There was a shock for a city mum as she left her house this morning.

Rose Weaver, who lives in Locksley Road in Tuckswood, was greeted by the sight of a peacock pair perched on her neighbours’ roof.

The birds, which have been identified as Indian Blue peacocks, were perfectly content perched on the roof.

Norwich Evening News: Peacocks in Locksley Road, TuckswoodPeacocks in Locksley Road, Tuckswood (Image: Rose Weaver)

They were spotted at around 11am, where they remained for a few hours, even being seen jumping from house to house before taking off.

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“I was a bit shocked,” Miss Weaver said.

“I thought they could fly a little bit. I didn’t think they could fly onto a house!"

Norwich Evening News: Rose Weaver spotted the peacocksRose Weaver spotted the peacocks (Image: Rose Weaver)Norwich Evening News: Peacocks are capable of short bursts of flightPeacocks are capable of short bursts of flight (Image: Rose Weaver)

Users on Facebook have been in touch with Rose to see if the birds were theirs, but have concluded Tuckswood is too far for them to have flown. 

Rose added: “My daughters' school has peacocks, as well as a friend of mine, so I knew they were kept as pets - they are obviously more popular than I realised."

Peacocks are capable of flight but usually only over short distances.