A serial arsonist from Norwich who admitted to setting fire to a towel in a hotel shower has been jailed.

Daniel Askew, of Norwich Road, was seen setting fire in Malthouse Road in Norwich city centre at 3.47am on March 23.

The 35-year-old then returned to the same road, behind St Stephens Street, four hours later setting another fire and walking off.

Askew came back to the spot for a third time where a security guard spotted him.

Shortly after police arrested Askew and charged him for two counts of arson, which he admitted.

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He appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court, where he was sentenced to two back-to-back 26-week prison sentences.

While on remand he engaged with Operation Converter and admitted to setting fire to a towel within a hotel shower area in Riverside Road in Norwich on March 17.

Askew was also asked to pay a victim surcharge of £154.

Duncan Etchells, staff supervisor for Operation Converter said: “These are reckless acts which could have had very different consequences.

“While in prison Daniel Askew will be offered programmes aimed at addressing his interest in setting fires, hopefully to end his interest in this which will help to prevent his offending escalating.”