A Norwich man has "achieved his dream" of completing the London Marathon after losing more than nine stone.

Matt Symons started his weight loss journey in 2017 after a chair collapsed underneath him at a friend's house party.

After joining his local Slimming World group, the 41-year-old lost a total of 9st 2lbs.

Norwich Evening News: Mr Symons before his life-changing weight loss transformationMr Symons before his life-changing weight loss transformation (Image: Matt Symons/Slimming World)

"I was mortified and, in that moment, I knew something needed to change," he said.

“Being overweight massively impacted my everyday life.

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"I was very unhappy and felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest."

Since his breakthrough seven years ago, Mr Symons has not only lost a significant amount of weight but has also completed the London Marathon in 4hrs 55mins. 

Norwich Evening News: Mr Symons said he neglected himself which led to him gaining weight and reaching his heaviest Mr Symons said he neglected himself which led to him gaining weight and reaching his heaviest (Image: Matt Symons/Slimming World)

He was running for Alzheimer’s Research UK in honour of his dad, Gray, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and died in 2022.

"Before joining Slimming World, I would get taxis everywhere I went and do no exercise whatsoever," he said. 

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"I began with walking to my workplace and slowly increased my distance. I soon discovered a love for running.

"My dad was my biggest cheerleader for my weight loss and running and I know he would be so proud of me for taking on this challenge of a lifetime."

Norwich Evening News: Matt Symons after losing 9st 2lbsMatt Symons after losing 9st 2lbs (Image: Matt Symons/Slimming World)

Mr Symons kickstarted his seven-year journey after a previous Slimming World success story, Steven Little, opened his own Slimming World group. 

Mr Little added: “Matt is a real inspiration to us all and we are so proud of him.

"When he first came through the door, he wanted to lose weight and feel more confident – however, he had no idea he’d go on to run the London Marathon."