City youngsters have excelled in their initial British Sign Language exam despite the challenging requirements.

The Signature-approved British Sign Language (BSL) examination, an introduction to BSL, includes a variety of topics including fingerspelling, greeting methods, weather, transport and directions among others.

To succeed, students, some as young as 10, needed to have a five-minute signed conversation, a taxing requirement for their age range.

SignWise Tuition, a specialist language provider in Norwich, boasts after-school activities for children and a daytime club for older learners among its offerings.

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The Junior BSL classes, suitable for children six years and above, are held term-time on Tuesdays in Thorpe St Andrew.

Jo Sandy, who became a BSL tutor in 2012 and set up SignWise Tuition, started the platform when a previous BSL course provider no longer offered certified courses.

Mrs Sandy, raised with high tone deafness leading to a loss of residual hearing, sought communication means, so, she began a BSL course.

She then transitioned naturally from learning to instructing after Level Two and took a teaching certification.

She said: "I’ve never aspired to have my own business."

However, with her students' consistent encouragement, SignWise Tuition was created, offering further development opportunities while making signing enjoyable through social events.

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With the firm's expansion, it now provides classes for junior and senior signers as well as bespoke workshops for corporate clients.

The institution is welcoming to all, irrespective of hearing status, whether for learning pleasure or qualification attainment.

With the recent passing of the BSL Act in parliament and the new BSL GCSE's introduction, there's no better time to learn this visual and aesthetic language.

For comprehensive details on the courses, they can be reached at