People living in a Norwich estate have been left with an "eyesore" outside their windows after the council dumped a pile of unused concrete in the street.

Norwich City Council laid a concrete base outside the block of flats in West Pottergate following two years of campaigning by locals to see a bike shed constructed.

However, the work has stalled since it began in January and people living in the estate have instead been burdened with an "unsightly" heap of concrete.

Claire Hobart, who lives in the West Pottergate block, said: "My partner and I need our bikes for work as we are reliant on having them - we were very pleased to see some action, with a concrete base put down.

"But there has been a large pile of unused concrete left behind, and some fences were flattened to the ground and have stayed like that ever since.

"We pay our rent like other tenants so have a right to some kind of level of service or at least communication from the council."

Ms Hobart said her bike has been repeatedly issued with notices which threaten to take it away and destroy it while it is secured on the estate. She has not received any communications about when the shed will finally be fitted.

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Lucy Galvin, city councillor for Nelson ward, added: "Work started but then stalled and the planned site left an eyesore, with flattened barriers and a heap of old cement, for at least four months so far, with no updates despite asking.

"I have raised this matter many times and will continue to do so until the shed is in place. The current situation is very unsightly."

However, Norwich City Council now say they hope to install the bike shed in the "next couple of weeks". 

A spokesman added: "We identified a shortage of bike storage at West Pottergate last year, subsequently we ordered a bike storage shed for residents who require an additional storage facility for their bicycles.

"We apologise for the inconvenience to residents which has been caused by a delay in the delivery of the sheds from our supplier. Once they are installed we will write to all the residents advising on how to register an interest in using them."