It makes a job worth doing…publishing  photographs taken many years ago and then hearing from readers so pleased to see a member of their family or an old friend.

Today we live in a very different world but there was a time when lining up for the camera  during school days, as part of a team, on holiday or at special gatherings was a major event.

And often those photographs were turned into postcards and sent to family and friends at home and abroad.

My recent story about the life and times of Alderman John Norman, of Old Catton, who died no less than 300 years ago hit the spot.

John was a man who knew how to make money and when he died he left large sums to educate and help others, including opening a school for boys named after him.

It was his unique 10,000 word will which hit the headlines and still is…his legacy continues to help others.

The first school his money paid for was in Cowgate, Norwich, and then when it closed in the 1930s, Mile Cross School was renamed Norman School.

Norwich Evening News: Three “Sir’s” at Norman School in Norwich. Charles Thorne, left, with Joe Spinks (centre) and

And our photographs of the boys brought back many memories.

The Norman School had a fine brass ensemble formed by the headmaster Harry Cushing, and our photograph of the boys in action was taken in 1948.

Norwich Evening News: Young Trevor Middleton playing in the brass ensemble at the Norman School

One of the talented young musicians giving his all was a young Trevor Middleton who many of you may remember. He went on to play with the Mile Cross Salvation Army band for more than 70 years.

Norwich Evening News: Much-loved Trevor Middleton who went on to play with the Salvation Army band at Mile Cross,

His son Ian got in touch to say how pleased they were to see the photograph of their father who had died last year.

Then I remembered meeting him many years ago and writing an article in the Evening News about his life and times.

He recalled how he, along with Bernard Horne, Pat Hague, Roy Amiss and Brian Secker, would play at school assembly to mark the start of the day.

“Although we did not realise it at the time, it must have been unique, “ he told me.

His wife Daphne was delighted to see the picture of Trevor and other young members of the ensemble.

He had been a member of the Salvation Army at Mile Cross since the age of six and went on to play tenor horn for an amazing 73 years.


I asked if anyone recognised members of the football team at the Norman and Sheila Reilly certainly did…her father Charles Thorne was the teacher standing at the back on the left.

Norwich Evening News: Happy lads. The proud Norman School winners of the Primary Shield back in 1934/5. Photo: Family

The picture, taken in 1940/1, when they were champions of the Evening Institutes league, was made into a postcard and there are faded names written on the back.

Charles, a keen sportsman, especially football, and a highly respected teacher went on to become headmaster at Stalham Primary School and also wrote football reports for our newspapers.

Sheila, who lives at Wymondham, was kind enough to hunt out a collection of old photographs to share with our readers and hopes they will bring back more memories.

Norwich Evening News: We think this photograph is of the Norman Old Boys team in Norwich after the Second World

Norwich Evening News: The Norman School staff at the school pictured during the 1940s. That’s headmaster Bill Nicholson

Norwich Evening News: A photograph taken of civil defence workers in Norfolk during the Second World War among the