A prolific shoplifter, thief and burglar from Norwich has been jailed for 16 months.

David Smith, 44, of Jewson Road in Catton Grove, admitted to 15 charges and asked for 17 more to be taken into consideration when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court on Monday.

Smith stole items including meat, vapes, alcohol and laundry products, targeting multiple Co-op stores, Asda, Lidl and Tesco among others.

He was taken to Earlham Police Station for questioning by staff from the Norwich District Crime Unit.

He was then charged with nine thefts from shops, three burglaries from non-dwellings, two of driving off from petrol stations without paying (bilking) and one theft of a motor vehicle.

His offences included stealing a Vauxhall Astra while the owner left the engine running as he got ready for work and taking two charity collection tins.

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He also broke into commercial premises, often smashing a lower window or door to gain entry.

These offences all took place between January 31 and March 5 this year.

While in custody Smith engaged with Norfolk Constabulary's Operation Converter and admitted to 17 other offences.

These include seven commercial burglaries, two bilkings, one criminal damage offence and seven shop thefts between September 3 last year and March 4 this year.

In most cases he was caught on CCTV and recognised by store security or police officers, while a hat found at the scene of a commercial burglary provided a DNA match.

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Duncan Etchells, staff supervisor for Operation Converter, said: “Smith is a prolific offender sometimes committing multiple acts of dishonesty in the same day.

"The scale and nature of his offending affects everyone including business owners, staff and customers who are left counting the cost.

“Jailing him will protect stores for some time and hopefully lead him to reflect on his offending and to tackle the drug use which is at the root of his behaviour.”

Smith was also ordered to pay costs of £187.