A Ryanair plane flying to Norwich from Portugal was forced to abort a landing due to gale-force storm winds.

The Boeing 737, which seats up to 189 passengers, was coming into Norwich Airport from Faro on Friday as Storm Kathleen saw 40mph gusts blow across the runway.

Wind shear and a strong crosswind made landing potentially dangerous and as the plane was just metres from the runway, it suddenly pulled up to try landing again.

Norwich Evening News: The plane was flying into Norwich from Faro when the landing was abortedThe plane was flying into Norwich from Faro when the landing was aborted (Image: Norwich Planespotting)

A photographer, who uses the online name Norwich Planespotting, captured a video of the landing attempt and posted it to their YouTube channel. 

The pilot was able to land successfully on the second attempt.

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Several weather alerts and warnings were issued in the region over the weekend as winds reached speeds of 70mph in places. 

Thousands of air travellers experienced delays when flights were cancelled at airports including Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Belfast City.

The Faro to Norwich flight is part of the city airport's new fleet of services to Faro, Malta and Spanish destination Alicante.

These services started on April 1 and fly every Monday and Thursday.