A "one in a million" opportunity for a local band saw them feature in a burger chain's advert in the USA. 

City folk have probably seen Ethan, Matt, Liam and Paul of The High Points busking on the streets of Norwich.

About a year ago they were unexpectedly contacted by international fast food chain Wendy’s asking if it could use one of their songs for a breakfast deal advert.

While not completely sure how Wendy’s came across the song, Taking My Time, they believe it may have been due to a TikTok video that had racked up a lot of views across the pond. 

Vocalist and lead guitarist, Ethan Keens-Soper, said: “It’s a one in a million chance.

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"They said it was the first time they had ever done this sort of deal with an unsigned band so it was just that the stars aligned and they loved the music and happened to find us at the right time. 

“We’re super grateful that it happened and we feel blessed to have had our song played all over America on TV and radio for six months.”

Norwich Evening News: A Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, OhioA Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, Ohio (Image: Google)Since the advert, the band have continued to perform at local venues, including a sellout show at The Waterfront, as well as busking in their spare time. 

They will be performing at Epic Studios on August 17 and are in the early stages of planning a tour to the USA at the end of the year. 

The band first got into busking during the pandemic when live shows were cancelled.

Norwich Evening News: The band are playing a show at Epic Studios in August The band are playing a show at Epic Studios in August (Image: The High Points)They soon found it was a great way to gain followers and test-drive new songs and now travel to cities all around the UK playing their funk-inspired songs. 

Ethan added: "We just want to share our music and build our following in as many cities and countries as possible.

"We do a lot of weddings and parties too and just try and bring a bit of happiness to everyone."